Nov 30, 2009

Christmas Preparations

Every year Christmas is a struggle for us. We don't see many of our relatives very often, so don't have any idea what they have or want. And we both dislike shopping. This makes Christmas stressful—what do we get for others that says "we love you" but not "like it or not, you are stuck with this item forever because we spent a bunch of money on it?" But this year we're on our way to a frugal and thoughtful Christmas season!

Favorite gifts being given this year:

1. a 4 foot poster of a photograph I took, which will be framed by another family member and given as a joint gift.

2. hand-made ornaments— I can't give out the details yet, but these ornaments are very simple and pretty. You can find lots of handmade ornament ideas with a search on google.

3. books— we give books every year, but this summer I brought a load of our used books (headed for the rummage sale) to the local used/new book store and received about $100 of store credit! This has come in handy so far for birthdays, and will be used up this holiday season.

4. a couple more handmade gifts that you'll just have to hear about after they are given (they're a surprise!)

Okay, so I guess I've jumped the gun a bit— I can't show you most of these gifts because their recipients read this blog. The point, though, is that I'm thoroughly enjoying spending time on gifts.... and I very rarely enjoy spending money (because I'm never sure they'll like or use what I get them). What are you making or giving this year?

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful photograph. And you must have a wonderfully patient (and cute) fiance to tease like this on your blog...