Jun 1, 2009

CSA farm share, week 1

Ah, the bounty! Today we visited our CSA farm to pick up our first share of the season. We paid $575 over the winter to the farm, and I hope to document what we get for that here throughout the growing season. Note that our veggies are organically, sustainably and respectfully grown.

Today we received 3/4 of a plastic produce bag (the kind you'd put your veggies in at the grocery store) of mixed salad greens. These are young, tender lettuces and asian greens. We also received a half a produce bag of fresh spinach, a head of leaf lettuce, a half a bag of braising greens (tougher greens that should be cooked- baby bok choi was one of them!), a bunch of radishes, 2 green garlic stalks, and a bunch of white salad turnips (sweet and delicious, these are great raw on a salad or in soup).

Looks like lots of delicious soups and salads this week- we've been waiting all winter for this!


  1. Noice! That's one thing we don't have up here, and I wish we did. The best option for a CSA would mean driving up to Silver Bay once a week. OTOH, fresh veggies. There's something to be said for living right there in farm country. Ah well, I saw radish sprouts in my garden this weekend -- a minor triumph.

  2. Congratulations! Considering it's been cold enough to build a fire there recently, I'm surprised you've got seedlings! We are very lucky indeed to live in such a productive area of the state.