May 19, 2009

Community sharing is where it's at

I live in an amazing community. Recently, a local woman began a google group for gardeners who wanted to exchange plants. I think google groups are pretty easy- set up the group (google it for directions) and invite people to join. She passed around a signup sheet to collect names and email addresses at a gardening class.

Last weekend, I hit the list. I've been meaning to plant strawberries, but all of the local stores were sold out. I posted a request for strawberry plants, and within 2 hours had 3 offers of free plants. I called the first person, who even dug up the plants for me- I just went to his house and picked up a box of healthy strawberry plants. I was done with my strawberry bed in a few hours.

Feeling the love of the garden exchange google group, I posted the snow on the mountain I had taken out to put in the strawberries, as well as a few black raspberry canes that never really got any attention because their fruit is inferior to our raspberry patch. I set them on the curb, and within 15 minutes of the time I said they would be there, they were gone.

Sharing what we already have can make for a lot of savings. Not only did I not have to purchase the plants, I also didn't have to spend a lot of time in the car (or fuel) going from store to store, probably buying other things that I didn't need. It's also a great way to meet more members of the community, building the strength of your town.

Do you have a community sharing program, officially or casually?

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  1. Bring on the barter system!

    I love that your neighborhood works like this- I wish they all did.

    I wonder how many gardeners out there might need some straw...