Oct 1, 2013

Thank You.

There's a lot of bad to see in this world if that is what you choose to look for. I don't. And because we don't do it enough, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.

Your smiles, your humor, and your small daily kindnesses make this world brighter.

Your passions, your bravery, and your work make this world better.

Your struggles, your empathy, and your heart make this world more compassionate.

Your positivity, or your negativity, reminds me which I want to focus on in this short life.

Your mere existence makes this world what it is. The way you choose to interact with this world and its creatures can change it.

I have seen some great, selfless actions in the past few days. They happen all the time, really, if we just notice them. And little kindnesses tend to ripple out well past the original receiver.

So thank you. For your smile, your kind words, your generous contribution. For caring, for loving, for understanding a different perspective. Thank you for your light in this world. We all have it, and let me tell you, it can shine so brightly that you light the way for those around you.

Today, I hope you let it.