Sep 27, 2013

Four Free Things: September 27, 2013

This image, borrowed from RowdyKitten, shows an example 
of the type of place we could gift to a family in need if we 
all pitch in. Click the image to view the request at GoFundMe.
Four Free Things is a (mostly) weekly feature here on The Green Gazelle. Each Friday, I share four free or almost free things I hope to do over the weekend and upcoming week. Share the free or cheap things you've got planned in the comments section of this post.

Help Out a Single Mom

I'm starting with the one I think is most important. It isn't free, but it doesn't cost much and it has the potential to make an enormous difference in the lives of a single mama and her two teens. I've set up a GoFundMe fundraising site to help a friend of mine with her small, tangible, eco-friendly wish: a tiny home or travel trailer that they can always call home. Any donation size helps, even a dollar, and anywhere you can spread the message helps too. Here's the description. Together, we can give this family a home.

"Please help me raise money to give a family in need a home!  
I've got this amazing friend who always finds the positive, despite often dealing with hardship. Perhaps you know her. Maybe you don't. She found the strength to leave a bad marriage, and now she's raising two teens on her own - with child support checks that are insufficient and undependable. She is an extremely hard worker and fantastically thrifty, but still money is always really, really tight. Imagine how difficult that must be.  
After moving from one temporary housing situation to another, her simple dream is to own a tiny house, travel trailer, or some other small dwelling - a guaranteed, forever place for her family to live. That is such a small, humble thing to wish for in this world, don't you think?  
She's a strong woman, but she can't do it alone. Please help me make her dream come true. This mama and her kids deserve a home.  
Any size donation is greatly appreciated. If we all chip in what we can - $1, $5, $10, $25, $100 - in no time this family will have the funds to own their own little abode (or at least a great start on one). And you would have helped a lovely, kind family have a little more security and certainty in their lives - and one less thing to worry about. Thank you for considering, and please share this link."

Screen-Free Saturday

I think we all know that I spend too much time on the computer. This Saturday I'm taking the day off. As a bonus, I'm planning to do all of my house cleaning tonight so I don't have to do it tomorrow. That means I get to play outside all day, and read, play instruments, or play board games all evening! Doesn't that sound fantastic? Are you taking a screen-free day this week?


I want to use a prize wheel during some events I'll be tabling at. The trouble is, I don't have access to one, and I really don't want to spend money on one. So I'll be attempting to make my own prize wheel this weekend out of cardboard and such. Wish me luck! It should be a fun project. What are you building or making this week?

Visit the Library

I think we also all know that I love, love, love the library. This time, though, my visit will be very specific. We are looking at a house (I know, I know. More on that later) that is listed as a 1950's home but actually looks much, much older. Our local library has a great North Carolina history room, complete with actual physical Sanborn Maps. These are maps that were created every few years by the Sanborn Insurance Company for insurance purposes, but now serve as an excellent resource for historic research. I'll pull those dusty old maps out and see when this house showed up on the maps to help me know how old it really is. What kind of research is peaking your interest these days?

Have you found any fun or interesting free opportunities in your area during the next week? Do you have tips for others on where to look for free activities?

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