Apr 5, 2013

Four Free Things

Four Free Things is a (mostly) weekly feature here on The Green Gazelle. Each Friday, I share four free or almost free things I hope to do over the weekend and next week. Share the free or cheap things you've got planned in the comments section of this post.

It is fun to come up with four free things to do every week. Unfortunately, I'm not always successful at completing my four free things. But you know, the point isn't to beat myself up over what I decide not to do. It's to brainstorm ideas for free things that I can do if I want to. It's fun or helpful to do them if I get to them, but it is ok if I don't. And it's a good way to keep on the look out for all of the free or low cost opportunities there are for us to take advantage of here.

You likely don't want to hear about the taxes I'll be doing, bills I'll be paying, and homework I'll be completing. So with that, here are this week's Four Free Things:

1. Stargazing

The local university is hosting a free Star Party tonight as part of the North Carolina Science Festival. It includes stargazing and checking out Jupiter with a telescope. Well, I can't miss that!

2. “Space and Time Trifecta; Dr. Who, Star Wars and Star Trek” Art Show and Opening Reception. Yep, you read that right.

Just before the stargazing begins, I'm planning to grab my sweetie and head on downtown for the free opening of the Space and Time Trifecta art show at ZaPow. It is part of the First Friday Art Walk (well that's quite the find itself), and it includes free local beer and music by some guy with a Moog. This should be super fun and get me some huge points with B. That is, if I can remember how to pronounce "Moog" correctly. (It's not how it looks, that much I'm sure of.)

3. Finish unpacking

It's true! I admit it! We haven't finished unpacking boxes yet. We have just a few to go, and it will be great to get the hallway space back that is currently taken up by boxes. 

4. Hiking

My new goal is to go hiking at least once a week. I've decided to require some substantial forest time each weekend, instead of becoming bogged down with the to-do list. Hiking is REALLY fun, good for me physically and mentally, and free, free, free! And besides, it is supposed to be nearly 70 degrees on Sunday. It would be a crime not to get out and enjoy it.

So, what upcoming fun, free opportunities are available in your community?

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