Apr 8, 2013

A Quick Challenge Update

Hello dear reader. I wanted to give you just a quick update on the April Challenge so far. I actually credit this weekend's Four Free Things list with our success. (Well, mostly success. More on that later.)

I didn't have four free things to do last week when I was making the list, so I had to seek a few out. We've got some great online event calendars in our city, which is where I found both the art opening and the star gazing party that we attended on Friday.

Wow, did we have fun. The art opening was really cool. So cool, in fact, that it made me forget I was challenging myself not to buy anything. When B (who, to be fair, isn't officially taking the challenge) fell in love with an $11 Star Wars referencing print by a local artist, I was all, "Yeah, you should get it. So cheap! Supporting local artists!" It wasn't until ten minutes after we left the show that I though, "Shit! I'm on a buy nothing challenge!" Granted, it wasn't art that I picked out, but I will be enjoying it in our home none the less.

Minor slip-up.

But we went on after that, and biked to the local university for a star party. About ten volunteer astronomists had set up their telescopes outside and explained to us newbies what we were looking at. They did this all for free. It was absolutely fascinating, and a total hoot. What a date night!

The weekend also included having coffee on the apartment with some friends, unpacking all but two small boxes and a paper bag of books, going on a beautiful hike, and, yes, doing taxes. 90% super good time.

I do want to clarify a wee part of the challenge I'm taking. Food and drink are excluded from the "buy nothing" rule, and for me going out to eat or getting a cup of coffee at a coffee shop fall into the food and drink category. I rarely go out to eat anyway, and the most I get at the coffee shop is a black drip. But still. I'm keeping those as options, and they are not part of this month's challenge.

I'm also adding emergency repairs to the list of things that can still be bought during the challenge. When the tub drain stops functioning (as it did in our apartment), We are gonna just go ahead and fix it right away.

So their you have it: confessions, clarifications, and a terribly fun buy-nothing weekend. It's going to be a good month.

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