Apr 30, 2013

Final Day of the Buy Nothing Challenge

Here it is, the final day of my April Challenge. You can see the original challenge and the exceptions here, and my honest update, complete with slipups, here. I am happy to report that (with the exception of a $20 digital software purchase for the internship that I forgot to declare last time) I have purchased no other items since the last update. B is out right now buying an item to handle a recently discovered ant infestation, but I'm going to file that under "repairs."

So adding in that digital purchase, and including the husband-bought piece of art*, I bought 3 things this month that weren't excluded from my challenge (things like food, drink, services, healthcare, parking, bus passes, bills, and items for repairs were excluded). Two of those were basically necessary for my internship, and the other one was desired and purchased by my beloved. I think that is not too shabby, and shows a much lower spending habit toward little things here and there than in previous months.

So what am I excited to spend money on tomorrow? T-shirts (I only have 1 suitable for the office, and it's quickly becoming summer here) and underwear. I'll also buy a couple of inexpensive pieces of hardware to connect my (freely procured) wine box to the back of my bike (more on that in a later post). There wasn't really anything else I wanted during the month that I still want today.**

Yep. I'm going hog-wild.

Did you reduce spending this month, or give yourself another challenge? How did it go?

*Husband was not on a buy nothing challenge, and indeed made a few purchases for himself, such as a guitar (with money he had from a previous guitar sale). I'm counting the art because I think we are equally enjoying it. While I also enjoy listening to him play the guitar, believe me, that purchase was all for him.

** Author's Note: One other thing that I forgot I still want is a houseplant or two to help clean the air in our apartment. I'm not planning to just run out and buy a bunch of plants tomorrow, though. I am still trying to procure this freely, but I'm not sure I will be able to get soil and containers for free, so might have to spend a little on that. I'm willing to wait to get used containers for free or cheap, and free plants off craigslist or from cuttings (we've got a ton of English ivy growing up the side of our building, for instance). 

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