Jun 21, 2013


Today is the summer solstice, the official beginning of summer. I like to view the season changes as a transition time for myself, a clean slate if you will. For me, they are a time to re-evaluate my routines and make changes where needed. They are a time to set new goals, dream new dreams, and get excited about life all over again. They are new opportunities to be intentional. Although I didn't get to my solstice card making this season, there are still plenty of ways I hope to enjoy these warm months.

1. Reduce my debt.

After selling our house, cashing in some stocks (retirement funds that we had unwisely removed early and paid taxes and fees on a few years back so we could dabble in the stock market), and receiving generous birthday gifts from my family, we will be making a major payment toward credit card debt this summer. In one month our total debt load with be reduced by nearly one quarter. Between remaining credit cards and two masters degrees worth of student loans, that still leaves us with more debt than the average mortgage-less American. But still. It is a huge step; one that will allow us to pay off our credit card debt (the worst kind in my opinion) in its entirety in under a year. That is going to be a day to remember.

2. Dance.

We attended a contra dance last night, which in my opinion is sort of a requirement of living in the east/southeast. It was terribly fun and a great workout, so we are going to keep it up.

3. Hike, Bike, Swim, Play.

I'm planning to enjoy pretty much any way to be active outside. I'm going to soak up this summer, and count my blessings, because I have a lot.

4. Practice gratitude, compassion, and kindness.

Toward myself, toward my neighbors, toward everyone: I'm going to continue to work on approaching conversations, situations, and people with less cynicism and more love.

5. Music!

There are so many great (usually free) opportunities to hear wonderful live music around here, and I'd like to make a habit of taking advantage of those opportunities. Plus, I've still got that banjo to learn :)

What are your intentions for this new season?

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  1. Love all of your summer/season intentions! They are all healthy ideas; for the pocketbook, the mind, the body and the soul! Tracy