Mar 1, 2013

Four Free Things

Coffee with friends is always a good idea.
Four Free Things is becoming a weekly feature here on The Green Gazelle. Each Friday, I share four free or almost free things I plan to do over the weekend. I invite you to share your free things in the comments section.

This weekend, my Four Free Things has a bit of a twist. After a week of can't-get-out-of-bed head and chest cold, today I begin moving us from the cabin in the woods to the apartment in the city. I thought this day would never come! This morning I'll go pick up the key and pay the first month's rent, and then I'll go to the apartment and just sit there for a minute and take it in. And maybe nap, since I'm not fully well yet. I'll clean anything that seems to still house someone else's grime, and then start bringing over the boxes. We didn't move here with much, so it probably won't take very long. I'm excited for big empty spaces with no clutter. Yikes, I better get to it!

1. Coffee On the Apartment
This is one of B's family traditions that I simply adore. Whenever anyone gets anything new, everyone comes over and "has coffee on it." This consists of sitting down with our nearest and dearest on or in or nearby said new object and drinking a cup of coffee. Isn't that just the perfect way to celebrate transitions? We will have a couple of friends over for coffee on the apartment this weekend (this isn't totally, completely free, but hey, a couple extra cups of coffee is a cheap price to pay for a couple of hours of time spent with friends). I assure you that we'll have Coffee Ons with others when they visit. This transition is a big deal after all!

2. The Bike Ride
B has promised me that he will ride my route to work with me this weekend, much of which takes place on a greenway near the UNCA campus (and even goes past the botanical gardens). This will be my best commute to work ever! The forecast for the weekend is pretty chilly though. If we don't end up doing the 20 minute bike ride to my office, I'll be happy just to bike around the block.

3. Library Attempt #2
We are going to try once again to get our library cards. We tried once before, but you need to have two pieces of mail from your physical address, and at the cabin we don't have a mailbox. That makes it challenging to get mail. So, I'm hoping that we've got a little something waiting in our mailbox with both of our names on it and we can finally get our library cards. Sidenote - we visited our new library branch a few days ago, and it is bee-yoo-tee-ful. I imagine I'll spend a lot of time there.

4. Visit the Bird Sanctuary
You read that right. We are just down the road from a bird sanctuary! We saw a tiny bit of it already, and we are super excited to go explore it further. We'll be able to ride our bikes there! I just couldn't be happier.

Happy March, everyone, and I'll see you back here on Monday!


  1. This isn't free, but very economical. My family does a lot of XC skiing. A season family pass for trails in my county is 80$, purchased with some Xmas cash. Tomorrow we meet up with dozens of other families for a kids race, and pot luck after.

  2. Wow—that is a screaming deal! Exercise, fun, and family/social time to boot. Sounds perfect. Enjoy!

  3. Super fun! I look forward to reading more on your cheap/free fun ideas. Also if you need a piece of mail let me know your address - we'll send you something :)