Feb 27, 2013

Rejuvenation, Gazelle-Style

We don't vacation often. Hardly ever, actually. We've rented a cabin for a few days on the North Shore of Minnesota once or twice, and we traveled for our honeymoon. Generally, though, we either visit family (which is rare if I'm being honest) or we have a "staycation." A staycation is defined as "taking time off of work without the money to leave town, and staying home with plans to relax and enjoy your life while just doing what you always do and feeling guilty about the projects staring you down that you really should get busy on as long as you are off of work." They aren't really very rejuvenating in my experience. But when you are short on funds, what's a girl to do?

The good news is, we just moved to an area of the country that many people (ourselves included) actually travel to for a vacation. The bad news is, you did not.

So I'm calling on you, fair reader, to help me populate the comments of this post with tips, tricks, ideas, and locations to vacation on a budget. What have you done? Where have you gone? How have you scraped up the funds to pay for it? And if you've had a successful staycation, what is your secret?

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