Feb 22, 2013

Four Free Things

Here are four free things I plan to do this weekend.

1. Go to the Library
Ah, yes, the wonderful public library. Between the branch I visit and their interlibrary loan program, I can get almost anything I want there - books, digital books, books on tape, music, magazines, movies, how-to-play-the-banjo videos. Enough to keep a family entertained for free all weekend long I imagine.

2. Pick Up My Banjo
I bought a banjo when we were here in Asheville for our honeymoon almost three years ago. I still don't know how to play it. I think I'll grab that how-to-play-the-banjo video from the library and get on it already!

3. Ride My Bike
Yes, a nice bike ride would do wonders for me. No destination in mind, no time limit. Just a journey to wherever my two wheeler takes me.

4. Visit a Dear Friend
One of my besties moved south a couple years back, and I haven't seen her since. Now that I'm south too, she is only two hours away. Two hours! That's nothing. This weekend, we are heading over to see her. I imagine we'll visit the whole day away, and I will leave with a warm, full heart. Of course, the entire trip won't be free - there will be fuel to buy and a game or two of bowling to be played. But the visiting itself (the best part of the trip)? Absolutely free.

See you back here on Monday!

How do you entertain yourself without going broke?


  1. Walking my dog! I get a little exercise and some peace and quiet.

  2. Yes! I love dog walks too, for the same reasons as you. After our upcoming move into the city, I'm going to make an effort to fit a gentle run in every day too - good for me and good for my overweight dog!