Apr 6, 2008

Green Gazelle Motto

use it up
wear it out
make do
or do without

This saying isn't heard much anymore, but we green gazelles hope to bring it back. If we can purchase less, when we do have to buy something we can spend more for a product that is well made by union (or at least U.S.) workers. How much stuff do we have that we don't need? How many times do we buy new shoes, or jeans, or books, or anything because we like to shop, not because we actually need them?

In our house, we're trying to find the right amount of clothes that we really need. Obviously, we could survive with one outfit each, but this isn't about being a purist. Our clothes are an extension of our personalities in some way, making us comfortable and self confident. But we still don't need excess. We've discovered that since we wash clothes at least once per week we both need 8 pairs of socks- one for each day of the week, and an extra pair just in case. We purchased smartwool socks, which are quality, comfortable, and made in the USA. What else can we limit our perceived need for? We're on the hunt...

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